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Gold Coast Funeral Directors

Rite of Passage Funerals specialises in creating unforgettable funerals & end-of-life events.

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We can help you with:

cremations & burials

funeral & memorial planning

transportation of your loved one

mortuary care

filing critical paperwork

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My experience working with Yasemin and Rite of Passage Funerals with my dad’s funeral and ceremony was incredible. Yasemin gently guided us through choosing a ceremony and service that dad would have been really proud of. You are a treasure, so grateful to have found you Yasemin. You gently listened to all our thoughts, and created a beautiful day and memories that we will all cherish as we hold the memory of our dad in our hearts forever.

Gayna Murphy

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For 20-30% less than the average funeral, our personalised services offer a choice of hundreds of venues (without strict time restrictions), styling, flowers, catering, professional mortuary care and more. By redistributing your budget, we can create an unforgettable funeral that you can be proud of.



We are passionate about creating change and offering a fresh new approach to funeral and end-of-life planning through education and information. We’re flexible and creative event planners who want you to be as involved as you want to be at this difficult time. We see our clients as our partners! 


We redistribute your budget into the things that have the biggest impact – like styling, venue, sound & audio visual displays, catering and more. We won’t sting you on overpriced caskets or unnecessary inclusions, we’ll listen to your needs and help you get the most bang for your buck.


We provide you with an itemised price list and publish our prices online so there’s no hidden costs or nasty surprises down the track. We promise to communicate with you every step of the way and encourage you to ask questions if there’s anything you’re not sure of. 


We offer a full range of services with hands-on support to help guide you through the process of planning a funeral, memorial or unique end-of-life ceremony. As a small, family-owned business, we offer a truly caring, personalised service to all our families.


We’re not your average funeral directors, and we’re proud of that. Our team is young, dynamic and creative, choosing to forge our own path in this industry. We believe in listening to your needs and helping you create a meaningful service, whatever that looks like. 

The funeral of my brother-in-law in May by Rite of Passage Funerals was perfect. They provided the service that we required and carried it out with empathy and great consideration for the people concerned. If it is possible to have an enjoyable funeral, that made a joyous day, then it was. Every attention had been made to detail so that it ran seamlessly, looked wonderful and provided a memorable service of celebration. Thank you, Yasemin. A day to remember for all the right reasons.

Dorothy Owen

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We can arrange all the details of a cremation including transportation of the person who has died to the crematorium, necessary cremation paperwork, mortuary care, casket, urn and keepsake jewellery, and a fully personalised memorial or funeral service. 


We work in partnership with our families to create unforgettable funerals. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or large-scale production, our unique planning process ensures your loved one’s legacy is honoured and respected at all times.


We offer eco-friendly burials and end-of-life services created specifically for people looking for a natural option. Our green burials consider every step of the process, educating you on environmentally-friendly alternatives along the way. 


Our personalised memorial services are completely unique in this field. From stunning venues to incredible catering, personalised ceremonies and rituals, we work with you to create an end-of-life event teeming with love and meaning, that doesn’t have to follow the norms. 

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Yasemin Trollope Rite of Passage Funerals
Hi, I’m Yasemin Trollope, former journalist turned funeral planner + ceremony specialist, and founder of Rite of Passage Funerals. 

I started Rite of Passage Funerals because I was once in your shoes, and when faced with my options for planning a funeral, I felt discontent with what was available. 

Rite of Passage Funerals believes in the power of storytelling – especially when it comes to end-of-life events – and we’re passionate about creating funerals brimming with meaning, intention and unforgettable moments. 

All Rite of Passage Funerals’ events are completely personalised and bespoke, imagined with your loved one in mind. Our systems and planning processes are completely unique in this field, which is why a Rite of Passage Funeral is like no other. 

Our New eCourse: How To Create an Unforgettable Funeral


Pre-plan your funeral in 5 easy steps!

Take back control of the dying process and step into your power come end-of-life with this completely unique eCourse designed to make the process of planning your funeral simple.

This eCourse is for anyone wanting to know what’s involved in planning a funeral or memorial event and it’s going to arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel empowered, get organised and ease the burden and stress on your family when the time comes.